Packages begin from $12 per person/hour and include:

  • Our fully customised mobile prosecco van

  • 2 RSA accredited staff members

  • 4+ Hours of service

  • Travel & set up at your location

Want to know more? Just shoot us a message for full pricing & options. We can tailor a catering package to suit your event, no matter the size.

Wine Catering


Our wine is imported from the Venuto region in Italy, a small but highly important region tucked into the north-eastern corner of the country. Its unique location is the meeting point of the cooler mountainous north of the Italian Alps, and the warmer, drier lands to the south. The cooling breezes from the Adriatic and from Lake Garda help to protect the vines from the intensity of the summer heat, while the mountains create a vital barrier to the freezing Alpine winter winds. This cooler climate helps the region to be able to produce quality wines with great consistency.

Prosecco Frizzante Bianco - 20L Keg (Approx. 130 Standard Drinks)

Sauvignon Delle Venezie - 20L Keg (Approx. 130 Standard Drinks)

Pinot Grigio - 20L Keg (Approx. 130 Standard Drinks)

Merlot - 20l Keg Approx. 130 Standard Drinks)



Asahi & Asahi Black (Japan) - 19L Keg (Approx. 57 Standard Drinks)

Peroni (Italy) - 25L Keg (Approx. 75 Standard Drinks)

Estrella (Spain) - 30L Keg (Appox 90 Standard Drinks)

Singha (Thailand) - 15L Keg (Approx. 45 Standard Drinks)

Kingfisher (India) - 25L Keg (Approx. 90 Standard Drinks)

Prosecco Piccola Private Brand (Italy) 20L Keg (Approx. 60 Standard Drinks)

Prosecco Piccola practices responsible service of alcohol (RSA) as required by the Liquor Act (2007). The Liquor Act aims: to minimise alcohol abuse; ensure the sale and supply of alcohol meets the community's expectations; and that the balanced development of the industry is weighed against the need for controls and restrictions. Our staff are RSA accredited and undergo refresher training to maintain quality of service standards. Our liquor licence application is currently pending in NSW.